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If you’d die today …

If you’d die today, what would you miss the most? the smell of snow melting on a warm morning after days of blizzard cold? If you’d die today, what would … Continuă lectura

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I am not going to settle for this!

Have you ever noticed how lonely you feel when you are down? Silly question, of course you have. But there is much to it than just plain loneliness when you … Continuă lectura

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Anita, I will love you forever, baby!

There are days in life when you feel unhappy. Or days when for no precise reason, you feel that everything in your life goes wrong, that you are scared, that … Continuă lectura

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Forgive this? No, thanks.

I was watching couple of days ago a speech on forgiveness. On how we should forgive the ones that did us wrong really fast, so we can move on and … Continuă lectura

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You need the burden and the balloon

When you think about your future, what do you see? In 5 years from now? Do you see yourself visiting even more beautiful landscapes? Or maybe you feel your knees … Continuă lectura

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Why do we need more?

I am watching „Schindler’s list” again, as I happened to switch to a channel that shows it and I couldn’t skip it. There are several scenes in this movie that … Continuă lectura

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Do you have a choice?

In 1995 „Dangerous minds” movie, starring Michelle Pfeiffer, the actress playing teacher Louanne Johnson has the following dialogue with her students: “- Lady, why are you playin’ this game? We … Continuă lectura

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My life has been and still is under the influence of two voices: the one of (some) people around me and my inner voice. One of my inner voices, at … Continuă lectura

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Life is a hilarious series of contradictions, that’s a fact. One look at my life and I can’t argue with that: everything I try to force, push, influence, will eventually … Continuă lectura

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Lil stormed into the room holding a glass of whisky in her ring wearing white fingers. She sat on the couch and without any introduction started to storm: „Falling in … Continuă lectura

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