Un om cu întrebări

Anita, I will love you forever, baby!

There are days in life when you feel unhappy. Or days when for no precise reason, you feel that everything in your life goes wrong, that you are scared, that you won’t be able to make your dream come true.

In all this sea of “unhappiness“, you receive some news that slaps you right in the face. News that makes you yell: „what the Hell happened???”  or „How in God’s name is this possible?” News that knocks you out and makes you realize all your worries are bullshit compared to this …
I first met her about 7 years ago. Beautiful, smart, with an incredible sense of humor and passion for her calling. As marketing was not her job, but her calling. I guess what surprised the most was her openness to people. Here she was, a stranger among us, Romanian colleagues. While at beginning I did not what to think of her, she knew what to think of me: she made me feel her equal, her colleague and, I dare to say, her friend. I learnt so much from her: how to always strive to be better-a better professional, a better colleague, a better person. How to never let the bad things that happen to me overshadow the good things in my life. How to never give up when I really believe in something. How to believe in myself. How to keep my heart open to all people that come my way, as it’s worth suffering since I get the chance to meet some extraordinary people along the way. How to pick myself up and keep going, even when the future was uncertain or when the persons least expected betrayed me. How to party just as hard as I’m working:)

Over the years, we kept talking from time to time. She was there for me in times I would not allow anybody get close to me. I knew she had some health problems, but I never asked her, upfront, what is she exactly suffering from. I never walk with my boots into people’s lives, I think it’s a sign of respect and friendship to allow people to tell me what’s bothering them, only when they want to. The last time I went to Hungary, she made time for us to meet in a fancy pub and grab a bite to eat. Some fancy pastas I can’t even pronounce the name:) She was a bit different, yet did not show any sign of pain. 

In the last message I sent her, on her birthday, May the 19th, I told her „Happy Birthday, baby! Hope all your dreams came true and now you’re just enjoying them, with a good cup of coffee:) or a glass of whiskey:) or whatever you want:)„.
And today I found out she passed away… How do you deal with something like this? How do you make peace with the idea you will die while having so many things to accomplish, as I know she was such a resourceful person with so many ideas yet to transform into reality? How do you manage to keep your head up, your smile on your face and your heart open to people around you while fighting such a dreadful disease?
My dearest, dearest Anita, I know you know how much I love you. Because I’ve told you this in many occasions.

While my heart weeps, as the world has lost a fantastic human being, my mind smiles, as I know that someone like you does not perish, just moves “upstairs” where yet better and bigger things are waiting for you! I know you are probably feeling sad right know, looking down on those that are suffering from your loss, as your heart had always been filled with love for people. But I know you are going to get some wonderful things done up there, as you are inspiring enough to give even angels some amazing ideas:)

I wish you all the peace, the light, the love and happiness you deserve! My thoughts are with you and your family.

You will always hold a special place in my heart and you will live forever in our memories!
Anita, I will love you forever, baby!  Have a wonderful time until we meet again!


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