Un om cu întrebări

You need the burden and the balloon

When you think about your future, what do you see?

In 5 years from now?

Do you see yourself visiting even more beautiful landscapes?

Or maybe you feel your knees dancing until you drop, in a club with all your friends? Can you see the ring on your finger after being proposed on a national stadium?

Can you feel in your palms that diploma you’ve been fighting for in these 5 years?

Do you jump for joy when buying your first house?

How about in 10 years from now?

Do you feel your parent’s hug in their newly bought home, a gift from you?

Can you see the moment when you reunite with the manager that brought out the best in you?

Do you smell the freshly dry ink on the last page on your first novel?

Are you getting drunk on the noise of life in the morning, from your sky scraper suite window?

Can you feel your salty tears when your first born meets the world?

How about in 20 years from now?  

Do you feel the sweet smell of the ocean as it would pour out of your coffee cup?

Can you taste the bite lips of your Mister Right give you on the alley of a restaurant? Do you picture yourself in a hammock, while the sun breathes on a page of your favorite book?

Can you hear your grandkids laughter while chasing the dog in the back yard?

Do you feel the silence around you when fishing in your own pond?

You don’t think about the future? Or rememorize the past?

Smart attitude – live (for) the moment. The problem with living in the present is you can’t do it without the past or the future. Just think: without childhood dreams, there would not have been a goal worth fighting for to bring you to this present moment. Without the mistakes, sorry, I mean the experiences you had – you could not understand the signs of now. How else would you enjoy peace after all the battles in the past?

And the future? You don’t anticipate it, afraid you would miss what you are living now. Alright, I think that’s fair. Still, when you arrive in the point where you have more years behind you than before you, what do you do? I can’t imagine you would just … live on memories. You need something to keep you together, to make you get out of bed in the morning, something to feel confident about.

I know you think you have all the time in the world, that the best times are now, that you don’t need looking back or forward … But trust me when I tell you: past and future, they are both the allies of your soul. They will teach you and enchant you: learn from mistakes, be dazzled by what’s coming next. They are the allies that you can lean on whenever you need forgiveness, peace of mind, hope, endurance, courage and strength.

So if sometimes looking back feels like carrying a huge burden on your shoulders, while the future seems a fading hot air balloon, just remember: a lighter weight climbs easier towards the rainbow:)




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