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On the Thursday before Easter, I am doing nothing. Well, not nothing, I am writing, but nothing as in any preparations. Not yet, I will make them tomorrow and Saturday after all the other tasks will be accomplished: fine tuning on cleaning, last minute shopping, going to my parents ‘home.

What would make this hour perfect would be a moment of silence from my mind. But, no, my mind can’t keep its mouth shut! It never stops bugging me, trying to open my eyes or get me back to the “straight” path. A friend said couple of days ago that without this annoying mind, the soul would be much too exposed and maybe taken advantage on. I think she was right.

What my mind does now is a bit hard core: after trying to get me to listen to it, step by step, presenting me situations that have not yet become emergencies, now it decided to pour everything at the same time:

Discover: what make me unhappy

Understand: why it makes me unhappy

Filter: what is unhappiness and what are coming and going moods

Accept: that life will always bring both dark and lightș the things I cannot change

Refuse: to take life as it is; to be common

Fight: darkness inside of me, under all its forms

Accomplish: what brings in the light and my dreams

Move away: from everything that’s in the past and brings no future

Once I will be able to do that, I would have found something a lot more important than happiness: I would have found myself!

So, dear mind, thank you!

I hear you and I will always have a space in my home reserved especially for you!



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